Company History

Founded by optical pioneer, Richard Golden, SEE was Golden’s vision of the future of eyewear circa 1998. Sparked by the idea of creating a unique brand and frustrated by the high cost of licensing existing brands, Golden’s goal was to create a collection of high quality, leading edge eyewear at an affordable price so people could create a “wardrobe” of glasses. The creation of a boutique free of locked cases was an entirely new concept in optical retailing and had never been done. Golden wanted SEE to be a fun and inviting place for people to shop, a place where they could buy two to three pairs of compliment inducing glasses without paying an absurd price to have some designer’s name printed on the inside of the frame.

SEE works with the most creative artisans worldwide, including those found on cobblestone streets in France, nestled in the hills of Italy and in urban Germany. We’ve also found little gems in Austria, Belgium, Holland, Japan and right here in the US.

By collaborating on the design, sourcing and development of SEE’s exclusive and original collection directly with the world’s most innovative frame makers, SEE is able to bring true value to the customer, thus SEE’s slogan…"hip without the rip."